Final Thoughts

Hello everyone, for the last time! If any of my peers read this I hope you guys do great on your finals and good luck in life! Over this past semester I was forced to try out new things through this blog. Although it may have been for an assignment I truly enjoyed what I did.

Through this blog I was able to do many of the things I said I always would, but never really got around to it! For example, going to a haunted house! Going to a haunted house was on my bucket list for a long time and I just never got around to it. Through this blog I was able to and share my experience with my fellow peers.

tenor (2)
Me remembering the horror of the haunted house

I loved the sense of community we had through our blogs. Commenting on each others blog post was my favorite part. Through the comments section we were always able to lift each other up and give advice. In one of my blog posts I talked about my acne and how insecure I felt about it. Those who commented on that blog made feel so overwhelmed and happy! I will always remember their comments and how wonderful they are!

I think we ALL feel loved lol

Although I enjoyed writing about my experiences, I loved reading the other blogs as well! All the stories, experiences, and advice everyone had to share was incredible! I was able to learn not only through my experiences but others as well! Which was amazing because I gained some very useful advice. Some blogs were hilarious and some taught me things I didn’t know about. Which was one the best parts about reading these blogs.

Me whenever I got the chance to read everyone’s blog

Overall, the blog posts I made taught me so much about myself. My journey from the very beginning was to be able to learn more about myself as I hadn’t really explored. I learned that I didn’t have to follow a religion, be insecure, or have anyone else validate my feelings. Writing my feelings out about those topics helped me gain confidence in myself. I felt more powerful and comfortable with myself. This semester has been a hard one. However, this blog made it a little bit easier to get through.

This blog didn’t feel like another assignment I had to do. It felt as if I was just writing in my personal diary to people that I could share these personal thoughts with. I still have so much to learn and share! It is so sad that this came to an end so fast. However, I will continue to learn and do my best to try something new every week, just like I did for this blog! If I continue to do that I’ll be able to finish my bucket list in no time!

I will miss you all ❤

This class was very unique and I loved every part of it. I hope I am able to keep in contact with everyone! Good luck with everything you may do! I also hope some of you continue your blogs because they were actually very good!






First Christmas Tree

Welcome back everyone! I hoe you all enjoyed your weekend! I know finals are just around the corner so study hard and secure the bag!! Only two more weeks left in the semester, I believe in all of you!

This weeks challenge consisted of starting a new tradition. Growing up my parents didn’t really know what Christmas was exactly. So we never put up a tree specifically but we would always put up Christmas decoration on our lawn. This year I decided we should would up a Christmas tree! If we put up decoration outside, why not inside?


I decided to go to Walmart and get a tree and some ornaments for the tree. Picking out the ornaments was a really difficult decision! There were so many colors combinations and designs. I was having such a hard time picking which I liked the best. So I ended up just closing my eyes touching a random ornament box out of the top three that I picked. I picked it up and headed for the check out as quick as possible before I start overthinking. When I finally got home, I surprised my family and told them were going to put it up! My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas in the religious sense however, we do give each other Christmas presents and just love the spirit of Christmas.

I really wanted to put the Christmas tree up before thanksgiving but I decided to be patient lol

It was a weird feeling putting up a Christmas tree. I knew I always wanted to do this but the feeling of finally doing it made me happy. It was basically a dream come true! Whenever Christmas came around so many movies and TV shows would show the whole family just spending time with each by decorating the Christmas tree. I always thought that would be fun and it is! Not only is it fun but the tree also looks extremely pretty! I could just stare at all the beautiful lights and ornaments all night.

The way Joe Biden looks at Obama I looked at my tree. 

My brother and I ended up doing all the work of putting together the tree. My parents and grandparents just ended up multitasking, they watched us while being on their phones. They also directed us as to where to put the ornaments lol. Although they didn’t do as much work as us, we all got to spend some quality time together that is what truly matters.

family meme.jpg
Everyone else while my brother and I were setting up the tree

I finally finished because putting all the decoration on the Christmas tree and it looked so wonderful! I was so proud of myself for doing something I had wanted to for a while. The whole experience of putting up a tree made me realize how important family is. I don’t get a lot of time to spend with my family as I go to college and work a lot. This taught me I need to take out more time to spend with family! I hope all of you also try and spend some time with your families and have fun decorating your Christmas tree if you haven’t already put it up!

See you all next week and study hard!


My First Car Meet

Happy Holidays folks! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Remember to always be grateful for what you have not just only on Thanksgiving. Alright, let’s get  straight into it everybody.

gif 2.gif
Happy Thanksgiving!

Since it was my first time going to a car meet my goal for this challenge was to learn something about cars. My friend usually goes to car meets with his friends and decided to invite me this time.

If you don’t know, a car meet is where you just talk about cars, show off  yours, and do donuts. Donuts are when you make your car go in circles, it is so cool! However, also very scary if your sitting inside the car lol. My friend and I went to some car meet in Jersey City.

car meet.jpg
This is basically a car meet

We got to the parking lot and it was just filled with insanely expensive cars. There were GTRs, BMWs’, and there was even a Ferrari. My friend parks his mustang and we decided to go look at the other cars. It was so funny seeing a bunch of twenty year-olds getting so excited when they saw car.

At first all the cars were just parked and the hoods were open for everyone to look around. I learned that if you had an exhaust system it makes your car very loud. One of the mustangs at the car meet had an exhaust system installed and the guy turned on his car so everyone could hear how loud it was. All the boys were so interested and asking so many questions and giving suggestions. I thought to myself, if only they participated like that in school as well.

All the boys listening

After looking around for about an hour, it was time to drive the cars like a model would walk the run way. Everyone stood on the sides while some of the cars went slowly down a straight line. Some of the cars would also do a burnout and then at the end would do donuts. It was a lot of fun to watch! My friend also drove his car down the line and decided to donuts while I was in the car! I wasn’t expecting him to do it and then he just started spinning his car! It was insane! I could feel the adrenaline rush and then when he finally stopped I yelled at him so much for not warning me!

tenor (2)
Me when my friend was doing donuts

A few minutes after that the cops showed up and everyone began to leave. My friend and I left and since there was a bunch of insane cars, some of them had a race on the highway. My friend and I did not race of course. However, the other cars were speeding down the highway. They were so lucky to not get caught!

At the end of the day, I learned what an exhaust system was and how scary it is to be inside of a car when your friend is doing donuts. Especially when you have not been given a warning! All in all it was a fun experience and I suggest you should go to a car meet at least once! It is so fun watching everyone’s faces and having such serious discussions about cars.

Acrylic Nails, Never Again.

Welcome back everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed your week ! Its’ getting cold and fast! Apparently it is supposed to snow next week, I am not ready for this weather! Anyways, lets talk about Acrylic nails! I love getting my nails done but this is the first time I am going to get acrylic nails.


This weeks challenge is going to be trying to get work done with acrylic nails. So since it is my first time getting long and acrylic nails this was going to be challenge. I’m not used to having long nails and I really don’t like them either. Anyway, I have a friend who loves to do nails. So she did them for me for free!

Since I love pink, I decided to do this light pink color which looked amazing. Unfortunately I never got the chance to take picture! At first I loved my nails, but when it came time to actually do work it was hard. It was kind of hard getting used it. I dropped my pencil on the floor and I could not pick it up! It was so frustrating. So I had to learn how to deal with them.

My frustration level

Indian food such as roti is eaten with your hands, you can’t use any utensil. It was the hardest and funniest thing ever! I was trying to eat the roti in a way that my nails wouldn’t get stained from the turmeric. That was very unsuccessful. I ended up having little stains but that’s okay.

I began to get so irritated any annoyed of the nails! Since it was my first time getting acrylic my nails were also hurting. Every time I did something that would cause my nails to hit something, which was most of the time it hurt! After about two days, my nails stopped hurting but at the point I was all fed up. I just wanted to take them.

Every time I would hit my nail

Since I was so fed up I decided to take off the nails. I am lucky that I did not pay for these nails because they would have been a huge waste of money! So, I know you have to go to the salon to take off acrylic nails usually. Since I am such an expert I decided to just do it at home myself. I soaked my nails in acetone and waited about five to eight minutes. The nails weren’t completely ready to come off. So I decided it would be a smart idea to just pull them off since I am so impatient.

That was a bad idea! I got most of them off successfully but some of them I pulled off. It completely ruined my nails! There these marks on my nails that show my nail has been damaged. I will never again get acrylic nails! I loved how they looked but I just don’t like long nails and it was hard to do anything.

What I learned from this challenge is that I need to be more patient and not do anything that I know should be done by a professional. That means next time if I ever get my nails done and I want them taken off, go to a salon!

I hope you guys learned from this also and won’t act like me! Be patient and let a professional do their job!

Princeton University

Welcome back everyone! I hope you guys had a good week, this week we had some nice weather! I hope you enjoyed it! Anyways, lets dive right in. So for this weeks challenge I decided to  explore a new place I have never been to before. So I decided to go to the Princeton University. They also have a really nice Art Museum (Its free and I’m broke so it worked out).

Princeton University was amazing! I’m not going to lie but Rutgers looks like sh*t compared to Princeton. I love Rutgers but, oh my god! Princeton University was just gorgeous!

At first when my friend and I got there we were kind of lost. We were looking for the museum mainly because we heard it was nice. While walking to the museum we saw many beautiful buildings. We wandered to one of the buildings and it turned out to be a dorm. However, this didn’t look like a regular dorm. It looked like a medieval time castle. Imagine if the dorms at Rutgers were like that. It was just so beautiful.

Princeton > Rutgers 

We kept on walking and the campus had a lot of grass and trees all around. Which also made the campus look beautiful. Since it is fall the leaves were all types of gorgeous colors. We walked around some more and finally found the museum! The museum was free so that was a great. We walk around the museum and saw so many different things. I had a really great time at the museum. I would definitely recommend going to this museum plus its’ free!



Once we got out of the museum we decided to explore off campus a little. We explored Nassau St. it was just full of tiny shops, coffee, and food places. It was very close to the Princeton campus so it was a popular and busy street. We decided to go into a few of the streets but walked right out after looking at those prices. The shops were so expensive! It was insane. I was thinking to myself what person in their right mind would buy some of this useless stuff for such an expensive price. However, it is Princeton and the people here are rich.


My friend and I walked up and down the street some more and found this little weird street. There were flowers, plants, and some stone work. It was a perfect place for a cute picture!

At the end of the day as I was reflecting back, I realized how much of the world there is to see. I feel as if I am confined to this one area because I have not been able to travel so much. I think you can learn a lot from traveling and exploring new places. You will learn things that school cannot teach you.

At the end of the day I made a promise to myself. As soon as I am done with medical school or have the time in the summer as well as money I will travel to a different country. I hope you guys will also try to do the same. The world is so beautiful and there is so much to explore as I learned from exploring Princeton. Even though Princeton was amazing I still love Rutgers! ❤



Spooky Szn

Welcome back everyone! I hope you celebrated halloweekend and didn’t drink too much! As you all know, Halloween is just in a couple of days so I decided to go to a haunted house! I am not the biggest fan of scary or haunted things. So this week challenge was to go to a haunted house for the first time to get over my fear of haunted houses.

Haunted House.gif

I love Halloween and it is one of my favorite things to celebrate but the scary movie and haunted houses, not my thing. So in order to get over that and get into the Halloween spirit a friend and I decided to go to a haunted house. I was very nervous while waiting in line I could hear some screams as people were starting to into the haunted house.

The screams made me even more nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I don’t like that at all! However, I got myself together and went on into the haunted house. It was dark and there was dim lighting so you could see a little but not a lot. There were two options when buying the tickets. One option was that you could be touched by the actors and the other was to not be touched. So, of course I decided I don’t want to be touched and my friend picked the same one as well.

tenor (2).gif
Every time I would hear someone scream while waiting in line

So we went on and randomly these actors started popping out. The first time it happened I screamed so LOUD! It was so scary because I wasn’t expecting it to happen in the beginning. I thought later down they would start that. As we kept going more and more began to pop out and each time they did my heart would just drop! The whole time I was there my heart was racing.

Even though I knew that someone would pop out I would still scream! This challenge allowed to me partly get over my fear of haunted houses. It was fun and I had a great time. I would definitely do this again!


Me every time I knew someone was about to pop out but would still scream!

After my friend and I got out of the haunted house we went for some food and just talked about our experience at the haunted house. If your feeling crazy enough I would recommend allowing the actors to touch you! Next time, I may feel a little crazy enough and try that out!

At the end of the day, I was evaluating my day and just thinking about things I may have learned today. The one thing I learned through this new experience was that you need to overcome your fears by trying out what you are so scared of. You should not scare yourself because of what other people may have experienced or the stories you have heard. I thought about how much stuff I have been afraid to try because of fear.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you try to get over a fear of yours! Maybe next time, I’ll actually go on a roller coaster at six flags instead of just walking around. Have a great Halloween!


Welcome back everyone! I am finally not stressed anymore because midterm week is officially over for me! It is the best feeling ever, until of course in four weeks midterm 2 rolls around. Anyways, today’s topic is about religion. I am sorry in advance if I offend anyone!

I as a little child went to a Sikh temple because of my parents. They are not very religious but to an extent. My family is mixed with some Hindu relatives through marriage and my cousins are part Hindu. They sometimes will go to a Hindu temple. Everyone in my family believes in god however, I am the odd one out. I don’t know what to call myself, I feel like sometimes I do believe in god but then sometimes I become skeptical.

Joey gif
Indian people finding out I may not believe in god

So I for the first time decided to explore religion. I struggle a lot with figuring out what I should believe in. In an Indian society if you don’t believe in god, people will think there is something wrong with you. Religion is a very big part of the culture. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself to explore other religions in order to try to get a better understanding of what I connect with.

As an experiment I went to jummah (a Muslim prayer). I am not Muslim, I am Sikh but because I am trying to figure out what I connect with I went to this prayer with a Muslim friend.

The experience of listening to the Imam (Priest), was really good. He lectured about how important water is for humans and god created it for a reason and then he also explained a excerpt from the Quran. Which I found very interesting. They then all did their prayer and I sat in the back, I watched because I did not know how to do the prayer and did not want to be disrespect them in anyway.

It was a very different experience from what I am used to. It was very educating and I learned a lot from my friend and the priest. Although, I felt peaceful I don’t think I was able to establish a connection. So then I decided to go to a Sikh temple and just sit down and listen to the prayers.

I had not been to a Sikh temple in so long. I would come up with excuses every Sunday just so that I would not have to go with my mom. As I was listening to, I still did not feel that connection.

No connection.gif

At the end of the day, I reflected on what I did. I decided to accept the fact that I may not be religious. I did some research on and found the term agnostic atheist. I really identified with this term. It meant that you may not believe any god exists but also does not claim to know that no god exists.

After experimenting and doing some research I have come to the conclusion that it is okay to not believe in god. Although it may make you different, at least in the Indian society, it is okay to have different beliefs.

tenor (1).gif